Ultimate Adapter Kit-
Ultimate Adapter Kit-

Ultimate Adapter Kit-

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7 precision metal faucet adapters assorted sizes
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End 99% of your leaks and installation headaches. Most installation leaks and problems occur when the thin plastic threads on the adapters get stripped. These precision metal adapters fit 99% of the faucets we've run into. The universal no thread boot stretches and slips right onto most aerators enabling you to hook up almost anywhere. The newest adapter is an inside mount. It has an expanding black rubber gasket. Simply remove the aerator, or better yet just the aerator screen, insert the inside adapter, use a small 1/8" screwdriver to turn the thread and the gasket expands forming a water tight seal inside the faucet. All of these adapters were designed to attach perfectly to our new mini-diverter valve which is 1/4th the size of the big plastic diverter that comes with the machine. The mini-diverter is sold separately and is not included in this kit. Every distributor should keep a mini-diverter and ultimate adapter kit in your car so you're prepared for even the toughest installation. It's also the perfect kit to travel with. At a recent event in Seattle the slip on boot saved the day. We used it to attach the SD501 to the commercial sink in the hallway behind the conference room in the hotel.  We just added 2 more size adapters that help hook up in other unusual situations. These are not yet shown in the pictures.

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