New Dual Custom Faucet
New Dual Custom Faucet

New Dual Custom Faucet

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No more hoses... All connections will disappear. Perfect for beautiful kitchens
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If you have a customer with a beautiful kitchen who does not want 3 hoses running across their sink, we've created the perfect solution! Their faucet remains untouched and all 3 of the hoses disappear. A new slimline double faucet will provide the alkaline water out of the top spout and and acidic water from the bottom spout. A nice ceramic valve allows you ro run the water slow to make 2.5pH or you can speed it up to make your 8.5 9.0 and 9.5 pH waters. The Custom Kit comes with the fittings and hoses needed for the typical installation. You will need a 1.5" hole to mount the faucet along with a 1.5" hole behind the machine to run the hoses under the sink. Installation is simple... The Custom kit is available in Brushed Nickel and chrome. If you need gold, brass, oiled bronze, or a different finish please call us and we will get a quote for you.
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