Keep it Klean- NEW Deep cleaning system

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Now you can do a deep cleaning yourself
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Every month you should use the e-cleaner to keep your plates clean and your machine working properly. If you have problem with really hard water you should be using one of our pre-filters and send your machine into Enagic for a professional deep cleaning. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Our new "Keep it Klean" lets you clean your machine to make it operate like new. Here's how you do it. unplug your Enagic machine from electricity remove the filter and insert teh e-cleaner cartridge There is no need to put any powder in the e-cleaner cartridge. The pot full of solution is all you need. Find a big bowl or 3-4 quart spaghetti pot fill it with approx 2 quarts of warm water tear open 1 of the silver packets of cleaning powder - it's food grade citric acid- mix it in the water it will begin to dissolve. Take the white hose that is hooked up to your diverter and push it into the fitting on the top of the Keep It Klean, Place the Keep it Klean on the bottom of the pot (it is totally waterproof and designed to be submerged aim the top flexible hose and grey hose into the pot The pump will suck in the cleaning solution and circulate it through the machine, it will flow out normally through the top hose and gray hose. Find a mesh strainer and place it above the pot so the top flexible hose and grey hose are aimed at the strainer. This will help collect some of the calcium that is cleaned from the plates and keep it from being pumped back into the machine by the pump. be sure the pump is fully submerged plug the pump in to electricity, in a few seconds water will begin to flow from the top hose and grey hose, be sure they are aimed into the pot. Run for 1-2 hours depending how hard your water is and how long it has been since you last cleaned your machine unplug the Keep it Klean pump, dump out the cleaning solution refill the pot with warm water put the pump back in the bottom of the pot and plug it back in let the clean water run for a few minutes to flush out the machine unplug the Keep it Klean Pump remove the white hose and hook it back up to your water source remove the e-cleaner and put the filter back on your machine should now be working normally

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