Home Pre-Filter System AQ-500
shown with optional small add on canister

Home Pre-Filter System AQ-500

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Improve the performance of your Enagic SD-501
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A special new single canister residential pre-filter system designed to enhance the operation of your Enagic machine. You can even "Hide it" under your sink with one of our faucet systems. We've designed this pre-filter system using all NSF approved media. Compression fittings on the input and output, 2 stainless steel braided 5' supply lines and a California compliant lead free T fitting to split your cold water source are included in the package. Designed to last approximately 5,000 gallons or 12 months in residential usage. Our pre-filter system will help reduce chlorine, chloramines, lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants along with improving the taste and reducing the odor of your tap water from a municipal water source. For those of you with specific problems or desires we can further customize this filter system by adding a second smaller housing to reduce fluoride, or deal with other problems. Feel free to call us to discuss you needs. If you add a second housing for Fluoride reduction it will last 6 months or 2,500 gallons of water. $15 additional shipping for US orders. For international orders please call us or email for a shipping quote. Be sure to take a look at our custom installation kit- its a small faucet just for your Enagic machine. It eliminates the big white plastic diverter and it eliminates the white hose draped across your sink. Your machine will look better and work better. Get $20 off any custom installation kit if you order it with this filter.

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