Hardness water filter cartridge- lasts 1 year*
Hardness water filter cartridge- lasts 1 year*

Hardness water filter cartridge- lasts 1 year*

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New nano technology to treat hard water problems
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New Hardness solution. Forget Ion exchange- that's old news, and if an Ion exchange filter is designed to remove 600 grains of hardness, (that is the spec on the Enagic Green filter) and let's say you have 10 grains of hardness in your water, that filter will stop working after 60 gallons, and half of those gallons go out the grey hose. SO in that example once you've made about 30 1 gallon bottles of 9.5pH Kangen Water, the filter is all used up and needs to be replaced. For some people that's less than a week!, and some people live in areas where the water is a lot harder than 10 grains, so it gets used up even faster. *Our new Nano-1 filter is designed to reduce the effects of hard water for 10,000 gallons or 1 year in any residential setting. Guaranteed. No taste, better ORP, and your machine stays cleaner, longer. The Nano-1 is in limited supply. If you're not sure if you have hard water you can test the hardness of your water with our new 4 in 1 water test strips. You should order a pack of the 4 in 1 test strips and send them out with every DVD. Let people test their water. If you have hard water, the days of buying bags of salt or potassium, are gone. In fact more and more cities are outlawing them. Don't soften your water, solve it..... Order your Nano-1 now!

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