5/8' adapter set with fine threads

5/8" adapter set with fine threads

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This is a 3rd version of the adapters that might be needed if your pull our sprayer is smaller than the 1/2" pipe thread that is built into the inline diverter.
I know that this is a bit confusion, but there are hundreds of different faucets and they have different sizes.  The best way for us to help you is for you to 
unscrew the sprayer head from the hose and look closely at the male threads that are usually on the sprayer where it screws into to the hose.

Sene me a few pictures.  I need to count how many threads there are and place a dime on top of the threads and send me another picture so I can see it
the threads are the same diameter as the dime or if they are smaller than the dime.

If you're a distributor, or you travel with your machine, the safest bet is to buy all 4 parts (inline diverter $48-  you always need this, plus all 3 of the smaller 3/8' and 5/8" adapters @ $12.50 = $37.50)
You will never use all 4 at the same time.  You might just need the inline (if the threads are the size of the dime) but if the threads are smaller you will ALSO need one of teh 3 smaller adapters.

I hope this helps.  feel free to call for more info and send the pix



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