New Inline diverter

New Inline diverter

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Smaller 3/8" adapter for Inline Diverter
Smaller 3/8" adapter for Inline Diverter [+$12.50]
Have you ever gone to do a demo at a house only to discover that they had a fancy pull out sprayer faucet? There was no way to unscrew the aerator or it was too short for any of the adapters to fit. All you could do was try hooking the machine up in the bathroom or laundry room. We're pleased to introduce the new inline diverter. Simply pull on the sprayer so it comes out about a foot, unscrew the head, screw in the new inline diverter, screw the sprayer head back on. 
Done.... Really. It takes less than a minute. Works with over 70 % of the sprayer heads from Moen, Delta and others. Here's how you can tell which size hose you have.  When you unscrew the head, look at the threads on the end of the hose, they will either be about the diameter of a quarter (this is the most common size it's called 1/2"pipe thread) or the threads are the diameter of a dime, (the smaller 3/8" size)
 If you have the smaller thread you also need to order the 3/8" adapter for an extra $12.50...  If you don't need it you can return it for a refund. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  The Inline diverter even works with the new K-8.  If you're not sure please text us some pictures.  What we need to see are the male threads.  So unscrew the entire head from the hose and text some profile pictures so we can see the thread size and pattern, so we know if its fine or coarse and the size of a quarter or a dime. Text to . 949.547.1683 . Thanks

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